Our Objective

Our Moto


  • Experienced and capable staff strength
  • Good selection of the automobiles and parts.
  • Good transportation arrangements.
  • Dismantling cars according to the requirement of customers.
  • Quality Inspection.
  • Timely shipment.
Our Activities


In our Head Office and branches in Japan, 15 Japanese and foreigners’ staff members are working. They are dynamic and dedicated in their specific assignments and continuously striving hard to cater the needs of our customers. Our staff will provide you information regarding any query or question you would like to ask about cars and used auto spare parts. Estimates for vehicles which are not in our stock can be provided by our staff. We try our best to locate those vehicles to fulfill your requirement whenever possible.

Our Selection & Purchases

We are members of most Japanese major Auto Auctions. Our professionals check, select and purchase cars from Auctions as well as from local car dealers. We have good relations with local car dealers and we prefer to further strengthening and focusing business relations with local car dealers.


We have our own transport arrangements. Cars and vehicle purchased by us anywhere in Japan can easily be transported to our Yard by our own Drivers, who work in Day and Night shifts. Similarly, cars/vehicles supposed to be shipped on Board are being transported by our own Drivers.

Dismanling Section

According to the Japanese Law and Recycling Regulations, every unit has to go different process and stages before dismantling the vehicle. Our experienced staff is working in Dismantling Car Section with the latest equipment and tools by adopting safety measures and protect environment. Vehicles are being dismantled and segregated according to the requirements of the customers.